I ship things out as quickly as I can.  Normally I will have your item in the mail within 2-3 days.  If i'm out of town on business it may take longer (up to 2 weeks).  I will contact you by email if your package won't ship for more than a week and give you the opportunity to cancel the order and receive a refund. 

Products are normally sent via USPS Priority Mail which typically takes 2-3 days.  All packages are insured for the full cost of their contents.  If you desire a different shipping method or need a rush order overnighted,  please email me ahead of time so we can sort out the more (or less) expensive postage.

The shipping price calculated by this website is based on weight and package dimensions, and is NOT ideal for estimating the shipping cost of large and awkward items like swords.  The sizes and weights in my website's inventory are mostly over-estimates, and that problem is compounded when ordering multiple items.  I will do my best to keep the shipping cost of your item down.  If you are looking at your shopping cart and thinking "boy, that shipping charge seems too expensive!", it probably is too expensive.  If you complete your purchase I will ship you your item and then I WILL REFUND YOU THE DIFFERENCE IN SHIPPING COST.  You only ever pay the true cost of shipping.

If you want a clarification about the price of shipping a particular item just drop me an email with your shipping address and the item you are interested in and I will calculate the true cost of shipping.